Handmade lampwork art glass.
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About Me
Hello and welcome to my site, this is part of my addiction to beads in which I'd like to share with my family and friends and anyone wanting to become involved with glass. My name is Amy Byrd and I live in Sacramento, CA, and I love to melt glass! I began making lampwork beads in November 2003. I am self taught with the help of a book by Cindy Jenkins "You Can Make Glass Beads", I also visit many forums for instructional information on bead making (visit my links to see some of the forums and tutorials on the web).
I'm using this site to share my addiction with everyone I can, I love making beads and wanted a place where I could collect my work and see my progress. Check out my gallery to see some of the items I have made; the good the bad and the ugly sometimes too! I know I have a long way to go in my Bead Journey and I hope you will enjoy seeing my progress. I hope to update the photos and blogs often so check back for updates.

All glass beads you see here are made by me in a process called Lampworking (also known as Flameworking.) Lampworking is a process in which you use a torch to melt different colored glass rods; winding them on coated mandrels (steel rods) and decorating them in endless ways. There are many different processes and techniques used to make the many different beads. Beadmaking began thousands of years ago, and lampworking was actually started by people melting glass with their oil lamps. For a more complete history visit nfobase.com

I also enjoy learning about other beading and jewelry techniques. I began working with the itty bitty teeny weeny seed beads as a kid, probably in my early teens. My passion for beads kept me wanting to experiment with the hobby, I also love to work with hemp rope and making gemstone necklaces and bracelets, but my life changed when received the book by Cindy Jenkins. I had heard of making glass beads, and I wasn't sure how it was done, when I got the book I was immediately addicted. Soon after I began researching lampworked beads, and bought a beginner kit that included almost everything needed to get started. It has consumed me, and much of my time, and I hope it is something I can have throughout life, learning and growing along the way. I do feel that I have already come a long way in this journey, but I know there is much more to go. Currently I am taking classes for Jewelry Design and Repair to further my knowledge. Besides my glass addiction, I have many other hobbies, crafts, I love to cook and listen to a variety of music.

I am enjoying learning about the properties of glass and making beads, it seems to be something I get so absorbed into, in its own little world. Not only has glass bead making been a wonderful introduction to working with glass, it has also become a wonderful meditation type process for me, I find myself relaxed when I work with glass and find it very therapeutic.

Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to read my babbles... Make sure you check out all the pages, check back often for updates.
The links page has a TON of links related to glass and jewelry, if your page is missing let me know ;-) Don't forget to visit the Guest Book and drop me a line!

Visit the Contact Me page if you have any questions and/or comments about the site.

And a Special Thanks to Rob who has provided much hard work getting this site going, and for listening to my non-stop glass talk! Thanks for putting up with my new addiction, I love you always!
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